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PostSubject: I NEED HELP    Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:45 pm

I really need help controling electrokinesis. im 14 and i started praticing Around a year or 2. i had good results. i can direct eletricity to any part of my body. i dont hear noises . see it neither i meditate. i also never praticed on eletrical devices. i pictured eletricity flowing inside me to my hands. my left hand seems much stronger. BUT lots of things started appening. i think the veins in my left hand are more acentued. sometimes the eletricity goes to random places like my head and i feel diZZY but theWORST it started yesterday . my hearth keeps pounding and my chest kinda hurts a little my hearth wont stop pounding for a second and my hearth beat is faster. can anyone help me? i dont know what to do :n
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