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 Yo yo yo, wassup dawgs?

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PostSubject: Yo yo yo, wassup dawgs?    Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:11 am

Hey there I am Incinerate nice to meet you all Smile I am really interested in kinesis training from not so long ago and the reason that it became such an interesting subject for me is mainly because of the 5 elements (earth, water, air, fire and spirit) this is my religion and the elements are like God to me ( I am not christian or anything like that, i like to call my self elementalist when religion is involved) So from a long time I've had many encounters with the elements, my first and strongest encounter was with water ( when I was 7 years old) i wanted to learn how to swim, and when i went on my first lesson i jumped directly in the water, but i didn't knew it was deep enough for me to drown. I struggled helplessly when suddenly something strange happend and it was like something pulled me on the surface. Nobody helped me, but i think something did. - the water. And yeah my biggest near death experience (for now xD) If you like to chit-chat pm me because I am too lasy to talk about myself for no reason Very Happy I am glad that i found that forum and i hope it is not too late and it still has some users in it to discuss interesting subjects Smile
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Yo yo yo, wassup dawgs?
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