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 Notes from practicing telekinesis.

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PostSubject: Notes from practicing telekinesis.   Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:36 am

On the morning of the second training day I managed to get my psiwheel to rotate three times, which excited me and made me lose focus. The following night, I was able to turn the psi-wheel five and a quarter full rotations, then became more focuses on describing how I was doing it and lost my psychic grip on the object.
I observed that my mindset was as if my mind had nothing in it but the will to spin the the wheel. I was no longer focused on the object itself, in fact, I wasn't even looking directly at it, but at the position of the shadow. My will to rotate the device was locked in my mind without me having to put any effort into it. The feeling I experienced was that of the vacant afterglow of taking a huge dump, that warm endorphin-enriched rush of mindfulness and oneness with the universe.
Also, when I got it to spin five times, I had smoked a bowl of sour diesel. I was also able to turn a large mass of ice cubes in a glass of water about 45 degrees before losing focus.
Before ever successfully moving the psi-wheel I meditated deeply until I entered a trance-like state where energy was automatically perceived.
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Notes from practicing telekinesis.
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