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 Electrokinesis Training

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PostSubject: Electrokinesis Training   Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:11 am

Learning Electrokinesis

It will take time to learn Electrokinesis for some in day's and for others in week's but in order to start off Electrokinesis close your eye's and imagine that all of your thoughts about the day are being gathered into a ball. Then imagine that all your thoughts about the day are bing sucked into a black hole with no escape and being trapped then imagine the black hole exploding all the thought's and after being nothing but darkness in your mind if you did it right your mind should be clear. This is a good technique it save's time instead of just meditating for a half and hour.
To start Electrokinesis close your eye's and imagine lighting striking your shoulder's and traveling through your arm's crackling making sound's of electricity as it travels up into your hand and fingertip's. You should practice this at least 15 minutes a day.

Tip's to know how your doing Electrokiesis

1.when using the electrokinesis exercise you should have a tingling
static feeling in your fingertip's

2.You should feel and hear crackling and popping noises after training
for a couple of days

3.after training for a month or longer you should get shocked when
touching certain objects throughout the day.

4.after a while of training you can try to shoot it at your TV or radio, see if it makes the reception a little messed up, or you could try to shock someone,even make a electric psi ball.

Electrokinesis techniques

Electrokinesis Tech 2

The easiest time to do it is when you're laying in bed before you go to sleep. Close your eyes and visualize the electricity running through the body part of choice. Try to do all these things one after another or mix them. Visualize it running up say, your hand, in waves of electricity like the kind of waves old TV's get sometimes that go up the screen. Then after that, visualize it sparking and even arcing out of your finger tips and hands. Try to feel the sparks the best you can, sometimes your fingers will just go sort of numb and they will feel wierd if you try to move them. Then open your eyes and do the same thing for a while...eventually you should start seeing very faint pencil thin lines of electricity or round dot size sparks or both.

Electro Ball

This is basically a ki ball with electricity from electrokinesis added into it. To start, visualize the electricity flowing through your body. Then, make a normal ki ball, then picture the electricity bolts coming out of your hands and your fingertips, and merging with the ki ball, making little sparks and shocks around and inside the ki ball. Do this for about 5 minutes a day, along with just picturing the electricity flowing inside of you. Just keep practicing and with enough work, you'll start to actually hear little popping noises from the electricity, and when you get the electro-ball, you will be able to shock people with it. I think that's really the only fool-proof way to test this one. But be warned, don't use a lot of power with this technique on someone if you know that their power is less than yours and they won't be able to handle it, this technique can really injure someone when used with enough power.

Electro Blast

This technique was made up by my friend Joe. Okay, you need to know Electrokinesis first, and also how to perform a Bikku Bang blast. Now here's the First Part: First, make a Ball of Electricity. Then add some Ki into it. Just practice that for a few days or at least a week until you get good at it. Then after you get good at that, start to compact Electricity and Ki into your arm. After you feel that your arm is compacted with enough Electricity and Ki, blast it out of your hand. Now the object is to try and control the blast if you can. Remember to only use a little bit of Ki and Electricity if your opponent is too week to handle your level of power

Lightning Ball

To start out, just make a normal ki or mana ball and charge it up. Next, start visualizing lightning striking down all around you. Actually hear the crack and sizzle of the lightning bolts. Then, visualize all little lightning bolts striking around your hands and striking into your ki ball and causing electric shocks inside and outside it. It would make it even better if you know how to perform some electrokinesis. You will know by the feeling you get in your hands if you have made this correctly. When it's made, blast away.

gaining Electrokinesis
Okay,first grab an electric item,preferrably battery-powered.Put your fingers on the batteries themselves (inside the object) and absorb the battery's power through your fingers.It would help to meditate beforehand.The longer you meditate,the better the electrokinesis will work.Okay,so after you have absorbed the energy,be absolutely sure that you only store it in your arm.The electricity could damage anywhere else.Now your fingers should feel tingly.Now you can go have fun with the electricity.

Zapping Stuff...
You kinda shouldn't do this.....but what's life without a little fun?
Okay,so after you have absorbed the energy of the battery(s),you can go use it for whatever.For zapping stuff,visualize and feel the energy inside your fingers.See it as "an invisible,hungry beast."(quoted by kiwarrior4000) now visualize it shooting out,ready to eat anything in it's path.When it hits,it will deliver a shock up to the voltage of the battery at the max.It can be used for A LOT of things.Electrokinesis can do almost anything you want it to do,as long as it's electric.

Paralyze Thunder
Visualize your ki rushing through your body and to your finger tips while your ki is rushing to your finger tips visualize a small ki sphere forming on each finger tip. This attack requires 100% concentration. Now focus on the ki sphere and visualize clouds forming above you and thunder is coming down from those clouds and striking your finger tips. You know when you do this when you feel a shock go through your body or your finger tips will tingle. Now from this point you have done it and from here you can either fire your blasts or make your energy lock on to your opponent. This Move will sometimes paralyze your opponent ,but your opponent will always feel the shock. Also by putting all of your ki into, it then can be used as a finisher. WARNING IF YOU DECIDE TO PUT MANA INTO YOU KI SPHERES IT WILL MAKE IT POWERFUL BUT IT WILL BE UNSTABLE DEPENDING ON THE AMOUNT AND YOU WILL FEEL RECOIL

Electric Rail
Visualize your your ki coming from your focus point and into the tip of your hand. Now visualize some of your mana coming from you and ontop the same finger tip. (You know when you do this when you feel that your finger is stiff or it is tingling) Now make your ki and mana come together then visualize your sphere which is at ur finger tips, have electricity come into your sphere. (Just imagine thunder running through your body)Now push your electric Ki sphere forward until you reach the length you want it to be. THIS IS NOT A BLAST AND IF YOU WANT IT TO BE JUST SCROLL UP AND DO PARALYZE THUNDER. Now this is the hard part, concentrating on keeping the rail at your finger tips and concentrating on your opponent. This attack consumes ur ki the longer it is held at your finger tips. I dont often use this attack, i only use it when im in a desperate situation.
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PostSubject: is this my specialty   Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:39 pm

this says it should take a month of training before you get shocked by touching random stuff....but all i did was
meditate on electricity flowing though my body and the next day i was being shocked and shocking people all day
(like static electricity shock) what does that mean.......... i did read the beginning of this article about how it can take
up to a day or weeks....... but i never had any thing happen with any other kinetic so i'm confused.....also nothing else
happened that was mentioned in the tips
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PostSubject: Re: Electrokinesis Training   Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:59 am

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PostSubject: electrokinesis   Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:28 am

It depend's on the person some can learn in day's but few can but don't take your ability for granted keep training
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PostSubject: HELP!   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:04 pm

how do you project the electricity on your hands
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PostSubject: Re: Electrokinesis Training   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:16 pm


there is a "right" and a "wrong" way to practice electrokinesis, the one difference is how you approach it, you have to remember to learn how to manipulate energy First, before you can even think about electrokinesis.

So, come back in a month or so when you can create four Psi Balls and keep them rotating around you without your constant awareness.

Take care Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Electrokinesis Training   

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Electrokinesis Training
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