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PostSubject: Dissapointing.   Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:02 am

Well, noone writes on the forum, looks like noone cares that much, if You don't care about Psionics that much (and this web site) You should say that in the first place, it would sort out many things beforehand.
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PostSubject: Re: Dissapointing.   Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:27 pm

This forum started only recently, with only two members. We are trying to get more but this is difficult as genuine people are hard to find. Of course we could have a massively busy forum full of fakers and it would be great, but the information would not be correct.
The knowledge shared on this forum (however limited) is posted by people with genuine experience and ability. I think thats better than bullshit circulating, don't you?

You spelled Disappointing wrong by the way. Very Happy
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