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 Kind of important.

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PostSubject: Kind of important.   Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:09 pm

It is important to share the link to this web site wherever You can, asking to join and help other people with their their questions. It would be a good idea to create a YouTube channel using the name of this forum (if available that is) and add some basic informations about different kinds of -kinesis or other important topics, like OOBE, AP, LD or Reincarnation, mentioning at the end something similar to "You can find more information on the forum".

Create a FaceBook group with the name of this forum (as before, if available) and share it with other people, friends, family and so on and so forth (if they are interested in it) so that this group would gain more members and more people would know about this forum. The same story with MySpace or other web sites similar to the two before. The gains are, more people will come, but the down side is, many sceptics or even agressors would have a chance to say thair word, which can lead to chaos. Even more, sometimes it is better if people around don't know who has what interests, it can lead sometimes to a pain in the ass...

The second thing that could be done would be to join another forum, which is bigger and has more people, it would allow more people to give their experiences and ideas about different subjects, but there is the danger of people writing BS (Bull Sh*t) on it.

There is a third option, to make a small group of memners which would support one another if needed to gain both knowledge and understanding of the self and all the world around. The gains can vary on the different form of the group, internet groups are more flexible and less reliable, while face-to-face meetings can be far more beneficial. The down side is that it can become somewhat a sect, closed and narrow minded people who believe that what they believe in is the truth and nothing but the truth, which can lead to fanatical belief and overall, spiritual handicap...

There can be more options, but they are more into personal choices, rather then the future of this forum, so I'll end it here.

Any questions? Suggestions?
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Kind of important.
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