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PostSubject: Cryokinesis   Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:15 am

Do you have this power, or you want to learn it? Ask questions, give answers, post 'how tos' and everything else you may mention Smile
You are free to opet a new topic, but Administrator annd Moderator are keeping the ability to move ore delete your topic if it's braking forum ruls, diminishing other themes or it's just repeating of an allready existing topic.
Have a good time Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Cryokinesis   Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:13 am

Cryokinesis is the ability to control the element of Ice. Before you start, you will most likely want to prepare your body for this by taking cold showers for around a month while practicing it seems long and painful but if your looking to learn cyrokinesis this is the main way to prepare yourself. Other ways are too meditate in a area with cold temperature's and get used to the freezing cold and be with it by soul,mind,body,and spirit. These are the only effective techniques that can be used to prepare for cyrokineis, Once you have mastered cyrokinesis winter will be nothing to you you will not need heavy clothing and you will not get sick, in the summer you can cool yourself down with no problem, you can also learn many defensive attacks to defend yourself in a bad situation.

Once your prepared for cyrokinesis try these techniques out

Cyrokinesis Meditation: Find a cold place and begin medidtaing there for 10 minutes by closing your eyes and imagining ice surrounding your body at freezing temperature's and that your skin is frozen solid constantly cooling down from the cold flowing throughout your body on the outside, Then imagine that the coldness is flowing internally throughout your entire body as you feel yourself cooling down rapidly.

Ice ball: After you have done the meditation put your hands close together and imagine a psi ball forming between them then imagine ice forming within the psi ball and without the psi ball making it harder and more compacted turning the psi ball into a ice ball. Keep doing this till the ice ball is hard enough then you will have made a ice ball., If you want to make the ice ball bigger just move your hand's apart more and repeat this step. To throw the Ice ball imagine the ice ball being shot from your hand like a bullet at fast speeds leaving your hands and hitting the target your focusing on.

Ice shield: This technique will drain all your ki you MUST have at least 2 weeks of training to attempt this. To make a ice shield you must first do the cyrokinesis meditation then imagine a aura of ice is surrounding the outside of your body while standing up. Getting thicker and thicker by the second as the aura grows stronger increase the thickness and size of the aura. Start at one quarter of the body then move to the next until the shield is at full strength then after practicing hard you can make a ice shield.

Practice Tech #1: Get a warm glass of water and try to make it colder by imagining the outside of the glass becoming covered in ice freezing every second then imagine the glass starting to get frozen to the point where the glass cracks and the water gets colder and colder. This is a perfect technique for beginners who are just starting cyrokinesis it will take trial and error to do but once you learn to make the water colder you know you are getting results in cyrokinesis.

Practice Tech #2: When taking a cold shower or bath absorb the energy of the water pouring onto you and make it flow throughout your body making your body temp get colder as you absorb more energy. Then imagine it covering you on the outside like a coat getting harder and colder by the second if it still does not work for you try putting around 3 ice cube's in your hand so while they melt you absorb the energy and learn this easier. after a while of training this you will become more used to the cold and will be able to absorb coldness even from the air moisture easier also cold objects easier. Another good part is if you constantly train you wont have to meditate one thought and you can have the energy flow throughout your body.

Sickle Breath

To do this make ki from your Chakra point flow to your mouth until you feel like you have enough ki. Now open your mouth at your target and blow the ki out directly at your opponent. While doing this imagine a freezing blizzard is taking place and turns your ki into ice. You can feel this when you feel your mouth gettin cold. Now your ki should be frozen and going at your target. Please do not use any attack unless forced to.

Twin Freezing Ki ball Absorbers

To do this make a ki ball in each hand and turn them into ice balls. Now gather some mana inside your ki ball and make it the core of your ki ball to make it more powerful. Then in the other hand tell the ki ball to absorb or to interupt the ki flowing process of your other opponent. Fire the first Freezing ki ball that can absorb, at your opponent now imagine that it hits where your opponents focus point is at. Now throw your other freezing ki ball at your opponent and this should do major damage because the first freezing ki ball you threw should of slowed it down to the point where your opponent cant gather ki in enough time to protect themsleves with a ki shield. If your lucky the first freezing ki ball should of rendered the opponent defenseless to any ki attack.
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