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PostSubject: rules   Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:12 pm

Forum Rules

*No cursing! ("Damn" or "crap" can be used once in a while, but don't use it for every post) *No verbal fighting! This is a peaceful message board. Please be polite and respectful of your fellow members. Think before you post.
*Combat is allowed, but we ask that you understand there are certain limits. We will not be held responsible for any attack that happens to a person. We will not allow the discussion of using psi to hurt someone on purpose. Please, no revenge threads. Offensive and defensive combat is allowed.
*Stay on topic. If you're posting a comment on telepathy, please talk about telepathy and not your love life. Also, post threads where they should be posted. If you're not sure ask a staff member.
*No slang (ex: "plz", "u", "2", "l33t", "any1"). Excessive offenses will end in disciplinary action.
*Please don't use colored text or highlights. It's hard to read and highly annoying
*No drug or sex discussion or images.
*No flaming or threating others. Don't pick fights with people.
*No excessive capital letters in posts. It's regarded as childish and is not tolerated.
*Please keep your signatures a reasonable size so it doesn't take up half a page. It is strongly suggested that you have a small to medium banner or a couple of small, one line pictures and no more than 4 lines of text. You will be contacted by a staff member if your signature is too big.
*Do not post anything that can be regarded as pornography. This includes your signatures and avatars. All images should be PG-rated. If an image is questionable, contact a staff member.
*Please do not change thread titles. Correcting a misspelling is fine, but significant changes can make things confusing.
*English is the only acceptable language on this forum unless otherwise specified at the beginning of the thread.
*Use spell check. If your browser doesn't support spell check, use the website's. It is located next to the "Post" button at the bottom of your post. A few errors are okay, but excessive mistakes will not be tolerated.
*Forum rules apply to the shoutbox.
*Obey the staff. If a staff member tells you to do something, do it. If you feel as if you have been treated unfairly, contact an administrator. If you have a quarrel with one administrator, contact the other one.
*Moderation will be governed by the former Site Advisors. They choose what goes and what gets locked.
*People who are banned are now banned indefinately. If there are spammers that decide to come to the forum, action will be taken on them.

Disciplinary Steps:
*Second Warning
*One day ban
*Seven day ban
*Thirty day ban
*Permanent ban
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PostSubject: Re: rules   Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:19 pm

Also i think its worth saying only post on here if you are serious. We don't need any fakers on here, you are just wasting our time and your own. Feel free to ask questions but only if they are genuine.
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